I refused to believe that the reason I was not getting those high paying job offers was due to my appearance. I was slowly coming to the realization however that with any type of sales career you are the face of the business. When you are losing your hair it just is very difficult to get people to focus on what you are saying rather than looking at that big shiny area on the top of my head.

I finally gave into pressure and decided on trying a FUE hair transplant. The specialist assured me the process would be virtually painless and the end result would not only give me more confidence, it would allow people to focus on what I was saying. Three months after I go the procedure completed, I was the top selling agent in our office and plan on being the highest seller for the year at this rate.

I sit anxiously waiting to go and have my baby, I unfortunately have been told that I will have to have a cesarean section. This was not part of my plan, but I want to make sure that the outcome is a happy and healthy baby. I have doctors, nurses, anesthetists coming in and out of my room, prepping me for my delivery. It is easy to tell that they have all had extensive pre-operative assessment training. I start to feel a little more at ease as the nurse explains the whole procedure to me. Just seeing how prepared and at ease everyone has mad me feel, puts me in a very positive frame of mind. This is something that I can do, and I am grateful to have the caring medical staff behind me.

I have always wanted to travel and experience a slice of life in places all over the world. Last winter, I decided to fulfil this dream and take a trip to Thailand. I packed my bags and arrived in Phang Nga by airplane several hours later.

It was truly a different world. Vendors in rickety shacks sold native dishes with prodigious amounts of chili peppers, which proved quite a shock to my Ohioan palate. I spent hours marvelling at ancient temples and ruins nestled among the dense jungles. In stark contrast was the abject poverty in some of the urban areas.

After a quick session at an authentic thai massage Glasgow parlor, I boarded the flight back to Ohio. I took one last glance at Thailand’s lush greenery from the air and found a new appreciation not only for the rest of the world, but for my own home as well.

I have been working with an interior designer to redecorate my bedroom. I have put in new hardwood floors, painted the walls, and added new furniture. I love the way the room is finally coming together. However, I have one very large window in the bedroom, and it sort of stands out on the wall because of its unusual size. I have always been at a loss as to what to do with it. I like the light it brings in, but hate the awkardness of it visually.

My designer had a great idea that solved the problem. She suggested that I buy blinds Manchester to match the color of the walls. I thought this was a strange idea until I saw the final look. The wierd window is no longer the focal point of the room. It actually belnds right into the wall, and the curtains pop against the paint color.

Any gardener or landscaper is familiar with using rocks or pebbles. Some tiny stones are effective in stopping drainage around flowers, plants, and small trees. Easy on the eyes, stones add a rocky, natural element to whatever it surrounds. Whereas rocks are big and clunky, most gravel is easy to move; however, the same rocky effect is achieved, albeit in a far daintier way.

In many cases, pea gravel is a dream for landscapers. The small pebbles can be loaded into the bed of a truck, and then scooped out and placed wherever it is needed. It feels and moves like sand, yet looks like rocks. It can also be used to make cement, giving the pebbles an elemental quality gardeners and landscapers dream of. The dream becomes real when a worker uses his shovel to pat down the tiny pebbles, turning the ground into a stony walkway.

I dislike golf very much, and I did not care one way or another about the game until I played it myself for the first time. I went to the golf course with a friend of mine who is a member of the country club attached to the golf course.

I am a novice at playing golf. I knew the very basic rules of it, but I figured I could get the handle of the game in no time, and I did. That is, until my first silica sand bunker. No matter how hard I hit that ball with my club, I could not get it out. I ended up taking a penalty to remove it from the hazard, and we continued on. The problem was that that penalty caused me to lose the game. The hazard making me lose the game is why I dislike golf so much.

This spring I decided to buy a house. One of the top selling features of this house was its huge backyard, it is almost half an acre in size. The thought of my young children being able to spend their childhood playing in this backyard lead me to believe that this was the house for me.
Fast-forward six months, and I can’t believe that I was so stupid to buy a house with such a huge yard. It takes two hours just to cut the lawn. I spend more money on gas for my lawnmower than for my car. You know what else I don’t like to deal with? Landscaping. Weekends are spent cutting bushes and shoveling mulch. Every tree is surrounded by stones and decorative aggregates that takes hours to weed. Worst of all, my kids would rather sit inside and play video games than play in the yard. I knew I should have bought a condo.